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The term Monel describes a group of nickel alloys that are stronger than pure nickel and resistant to corrosion making them an ideal material for saltwater and oil applications. The specific makeup is up to 67% nickel and copper with the remaining alloy consisting of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. Monel bolts can be manufactured via hot or cold working, machining, and welding.

The use of Monel is often limited to applications where the bolts cannot be replaced by cheaper alternatives. The alloy is extremely effective with cost comparisons ranging from 5-10 times higher than nickel and copper. That being said the strength and anti-corrosive properties are often essential to maintain the integrity of outdoor assemblies or those under unique exposure.

Alloy 400

Monel Alloy 400 has properties that include high strength and resistance to corrosion in varying acidic and alkaline environments. The makeup also has above average ductility and thermal conductivity making it a versatile option for marine engineering, chemical processing, hydro-carbon applications, heat exchangers, valves, and pumps. Alloy 400 is regulated by material standards BS 3075, 3076 NA 13, DTD 204B, ASTM B164, and QQ-N-281 CL.A as well under fastener standards ASTM F467 and F468.

Alloy K-500

Monel K-500 is essentially a more powerful version of the 400 with greater strength and hardness. The mixture features aluminum and titanium added to the nickel-copper base and a controlled heating so that submicroscopic particles (Ni3) are deposited in a solid form throughout the alloy. Monel K-500 is tested to maintain resistance in sour-gas environments and is also often used in shafts and centrifugal pumps in marina service. Other applications include pump shafts, impellers, hospital blades, oil-well drill collars and electrical components.

This wide variety of use of Alloys 400 and K500 give some indication as to how strong and corrosion resistant bolts and other fasteners perform in similar environments. Glaser has a large supply of solutions for extreme and unique environments. Contact us for more details. 

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