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In extreme conditions it is especially important to have fasteners that resist wear to corrosion, oxidation, and high temperatures. The Inconel 600-800 alloy answers the bell with supreme corrosion resistance to go along with heat-resistance and freedom from aging.

Specifically the 600-800 series is a nonmagnetic, nickel-based (72%) alloy also containing chromium (14%), iron (6%), and other trace compounds. These super alloys provide a perfect mesh of corrosion and heat resistance that makes them an ideal solution for a large number of industries.

Some typical applications of the 600-800 series include many in the heat-treating field. Strength and oxidation resistance at high-temperatures make these bolts a viable option in mufflers, retorts, hearths, and many furnace components.

The properties of the alloy also make it a desirable fastener in the chemical industries. Some common applications include within heaters, in stills, distillation towers, evaporator tubes, flaking trays, and other instances that require the processing of acids and sulfides.

A further example of the alloys versatility is its use in the electronic, aeronautical, and nuclear industry among others. From engines to exhaust and a variety of other applications where heat, water, or acid is constantly present the Inconel 600-800 alloys stand strong.

The main advantage of the 600-800 alloys is the high chromium content which helps to raise the oxidation resistance significantly higher than that of pure nickel. The high nickel content conversely gives the alloy high corrosion resistance even as surrounding conditions escalate. The alloy has tested high for resistance against salt water, gas from exhaust, organic acids, and physical stress which makes it a great compound for bolts and other fasteners exposed to those conditions.

Glaser and Associates, Inc. has a variety of fasteners and other components available in the Inconel 600-800 alloy. For more information on specific needs and uses, please contact us today. 

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