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When concrete patching is necessary, you’ll need adhesives and sealants that will get the job done right.

adhesives and sealants

Floor sealant is often advantageous, particularly in industrial settings. The correct floor sealant can help prevent your floor from damage and corrosion, including damage from high temperatures, heavy equipment, and corrosive substances.

Sealants can also help your floor appear cleaner and brighter, and they are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Glaser is here to meet all of your adhesive and sealant needs, with a vast range of structural adhesives and sealants for your commercial and industrial applications.

Established in 1964, Glaser has long been committed to providing the highest-quality industrial fasteners, adhesives, and sealants to oil refineries, utility companies, and contractors across the greater Bay Area.

Today, the company is proud to distribute its products, including its line of high/low temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistant industrial bolting materials, across the continental United States and Canada.

With over five decades’ worth of experience, we’re confident we can supply the reliable, durable materials that you need.

Glaser sealants are specifically designed to bond to a range of different surfaces, including stainless metals, copper, galvanized metals, ABS PVC, polystyrene, glass, and rubber.

We also offer adhesives and sealants designed to permanently adhere dissimilar substances, such as metal and plastic. Glaser is proud to supply a full line of Permatex® Brand Anaerobics, including Permatex® Thread Sealants, Gasket Makers, Threadlockers, and Retaining Compounds.

10lb. ITW DevCon Floor Patch Kit

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40lb. ITW DevCon Floor Patch Kit

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