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Established in 1964, Glaser has close to half a century of experience providing the highest-quality industrial fasteners, bolting materials, adhesives, and sealants. A range of industries and sectors trust us to provide the best materials out there, including the alternative energy sector, the military, railroad companies, industrial and commercial construction companies, the mining industry, and the food and beverage business. At Glaser, we have the expertise and experience to manufacture and deliver the materials you need to get the job done. And now, we distribute our line of high/low temperature, high-pressure, and corrosion-resistant industrial bolting materials across the continental United States and Canada.

In order to best provide our customers with the highest-quality bolting and fastener materials, Glaser is a proud supplier of the Simpson Strong-Tie Company product line, including Simpson mechanic anchors, adhesives, structural fasteners, and stainless steel screws, for all of your commercial, industrial, and residential needs. Today, the company has over 1,800 employees in the U.S. and does over $500 million in sales worldwide. Simpson Strong-Tie is largely considered to be a leader in structural systems research, testing, and innovation and is always working to improve structural building products.

Simpson Strong-Tie has produced high-quality connectors, fasteners, and anchoring systems for over 50 years now, and we are proud to deliver its products to our consumers. The durability and reliability of Simpson Strong-Tie products make them uniquely suited to extreme conditions, including high winds, hurricanes, and seismic activity. At Glaser, we’re committed to providing you with the structural building products that you need, no matter how tough the conditions. 

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