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Glaser and Associates offers a comprehensive line of high quality, high durability stainless steel fasteners for a wide range of different assembly purposes.

fastenersFasteners include stainless steel all thread stud bolts, hex bolts, stainless steel cap screws, stainless steel hex nuts, and stainless steel washers.

Our stainless steel fasteners come in a unique range of styles and grades, and are ideally suited for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Stainless steel is a steel alloy with a high chromium content. Depending on the type, metals such as nickel, molybdenum, and titanium are sometimes used, as well. All stainless steel varieties are known for their outstanding durability and corrosion resistant properties.

To ensure that all of our fasteners perform better and last longer, even in the harshest environments, Glaser sources all of our stainless steel fasteners from steel mills and manufactures using only premium raw stainless steel.

All of the raw materials that go into our fasteners are produced from premium stainless steel that is mixed in strict adherence to various standards, such as American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A193, and ASTM A194.

Glaser uses stainless steel ASTM A193 and A194 in grades 3 (501SS), 8 (304SS), and 8M (316SS) in our line of standard stainless steel fasteners. In some of our custom stainless steel fasteners, materials such as ASTM A193 and A194 in grades 6 (410SS), 8C (347SS), 8T (321SS), and Alloy 2205 (Duplex) are used.

All Glaser stainless steel fasteners are corrosion resistant and high strength, making them an excellent choice for hostile or highly corrosive environments. Use of our high quality stainless steel fasteners in commercial and industrial settings can help your company increase the lifespan of your equipment while also decreasing maintenance and repair costs.

Be sure to contact the Glaser customer service team for your stainless steel fastener needs!


AISI Type 304 (18-8) Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screw

AISI Type 18-8 or Type 304 Stainless Steel, Finished Hex Head Cap Screw with standard or full thread for use in bolting and anchoring applications with good corrosion resistance. Dimensional specifications under the ANSI/ASME B18.2.1 fastener standard.

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Stainless Steel Concrete Wedge Fasteners

T304 & T316 stainless steel mechanical steel concrete wedge anchors for pre-existing industrial and commercial concrete applications

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