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Glaser and Associates offers a wide variety of specialized U-Bolts.

uboltA U-Bolt is a U-shaped bolt with two threaded arms that extend up from a curved or square base. The special “U” shape of the bolt provides U-Bolts with a great deal of extra stability.

Originally designed to support pipes used for the transportation of liquids and gases, U-Bolts have proven to be highly adaptable.

Today, sturdy U-Bolts are commonly used in construction and industrial settings in a number of different capacities. These additional capacities include use as frame fasteners, anchors for foundations and roofs, conduit support, and motor and engine shaft apparatus support.

Glaser offers a number of high quality and high durability U-Bolts in a range of different shapes and sizes, including round bend U-bolts and square bend U-bolts.

At Glaser, our goal is help you get the job at hand completed quickly, efficiently, affordably, and, most importantly, properly. To that end, we offer U-Bolts in the sizes and materials that you need.

Glaser U-Bolts are available in a range of different material types to suit a variety of different commercial and industrial applications.

Standard available material types include stainless steel, hot dip galvanized carbon steel, zinc plated carbon steel, and plain carbon steel.

Glaser U-bolts are available in many different sizes. Bolt diameters range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in rod diameter.

We also offer U-Bolts with a wide range of pipe sizes: our Figure 137 long tangent round bend U-Bolt can accommodate pipes of up to 30 inches wide.

Standard Glaser U-Bolts are available in three different thread pitches: Unified National Coarse (UNC), Unified Natural Fine (UNF), and Unified National Standard.

Whether you need reliable U-Bolts to anchor the foundation of a small residential project or to support miles of pipework in a large commercial project, Glaser has the U-Bolt for you.


Carbon Steel Round U-Bolt, Zinc Plated

Low Carbon Steel U-Bolt, Zinc Plated w/ 2 Zinc Plated Finished Hex Nuts, USA Manufactured for general use in industrial and commercial applications.

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