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Washers are thin, disk-shaped plates that are used to distribute the load of a thread fastener, such as a screw or nut.


Washers may also be used as spacers, wear pads, preload indicating devices, and locking devices. But no matter how you are planning to use your washers, quality is crucial.

As a leading distributor and custom supplier of washers, Glaser is committed to sourcing washers of the highest quality for a range of different commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Our products are manufactured with expertise and precision. We provide both stamped and machined washer products.

High-quality washers are critical to protecting your equipment from erosion, as durable washers help prevent wear and tear on fasteners, prolonging equipment lifespan. The quality and durability of washers are especially critical in hostile or corrosive industrial environments.

From round flat to square, Glaser offers washers for a vast range of industrial and commercial applications. Our inventory of washers includes round flat washers, lock washers, and square bevel washers.

Our washers can be zinc blue plated or finished with hot dipped galvanized finish in order to enhance durability and resistance. All of our washers come in a range of styles, materials, and sizes to best suit your individual needs.

  • Round flat washers: Glaser round flat washers come in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and materials.
  • Lock washers: Our lock washers are ideal for high-torque and high-temperature industrial applications, and all come from ISO9001 and/or TS16949 factories. This ensures that all Glaser washers meet rigorous industry standards.
  • Square bevel washers: Bevel washers are typically used on bearing surfaces that have an oblique angle and typically provide a parallel bearing surface when fastening. Glaser offers a range of square bevel washers uniquely suited to your commercial and industrial needs.

If you don’t see the specific washer size or type to meet your needs, be sure to browse our custom washer section to find the fit that is perfect for your application. Our skilled team of experts is here to help you find the washers to meet your needs.


Disc Spring Washers

Belleville Disc Springs (also called disc washers) are found in a wide variety of applications where high spring force and small movement is required in a restricted space, where spring movement is required with a constant pressure or where high spring loads are required to secure bolted components.

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Round Flat Washers

Mulitple styles, materials and sizes of steel mechanical round flat washers for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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Lock Washers

Mulitple styles, materials and sizes of steel mechanical lock washers for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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Square Washers

Square Bevel Washer, Multiple Materials and Finished for general use in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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