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Glaser offers a range of different wire connectors suitable for use in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

All of Glaser’s wire connectors are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), approved by the CSA, and compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). Our offerings include standard wire connectors, narrow wire connectors, winged wire connectors, and high-temperature wire connectors.

Our standard wire connectors accommodate a minimum to maximum wire range of 2#22 to up to 3#16. Our narrow wire connectors are specially designed to take up less space in tight electrical boxes without a significant reduction in capacity: they can accommodate a wire range of 1#18 + 1#20 to 4#16 + 1#20.

All Glaser wire connectors are specifically designed to facilitate safety and ease of use. Our wire connectors are ribbed to provide an excellent grip for fast, easy, comfortable installation. Many of our wire connectors are also available in wingtip models, further improving ergonomics and ease of use.

We also offer color-coded coverings for common construction wire ranges. Whether you need wire connectors for a project in your home or high-temperature wire connectors for a corrosive industrial environment, Glaser is your go-to.

Glaser wire connectors have a number of internal features as well, designed for maximum performance. All models feature threaded funnel entry guides to ease wire insertion. The deep skirt entries of all of our wire connectors provide important protection from flash-overs and shorts.

We understand that you need simple, dependable solutions when it comes to wire connectors. That’s why Glaser offers wire connectors come in a variety of different models, sizes, and colors—whatever your needs, Glaser has the wire connector to meet them.

From standard wire connectors to high-temperature wire connectors, be sure to contact the Glaser support team for your wire connector needs. 


Wire Connector Caps

Standard, Narrow, Winged, Grounding and High Temperature wire connectors colored coded covering common construction wire ranges. Ribbed caps provide positive-grip for fast, easy installation.

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