Glaser has been an industry leader in the distribution and service of fasteners to almost every facility imaginable. In addition to our stock of industrial fasteners for high/low pressures and high-corrosion environments, we also offer full custom metal fabrication. We maintain the same dedication to quality in our manufacturing as we do in our distributing and our specific services include:


Essentially creating a functional part from a piece of raw stock the process of threading negates the need for more expensive and time-consuming assembly processes. Threading two components together is a more flexible and versatile solution than welding and threaded assemblies provide the end user a variety of options for putting components together. 


Our cutting capabilities produce precision shaped components to the highest tolerances created at the highest of speed. Parts can be cut by us in minimal quantities in the prototyping phase or in high-volume runs reaching the thousands – all maintaining the intense quality standards we thrive on. 


Another cost effective manufacturing process for use in assemblies is the bending of materials. Turning one piece into two is a much more viable approach then turning two pieces into one as you'd have to do with the welding alternative. 


A secondary solution for stock parts is the turning manufacturing process. With this method external features are created by operating a cutting tool as a part rotates. Similarly, the boring process creates similar patterns on the inside of a typically radial part. 


Drilling can be done on a number of different material types to create functional holes or pilot slots for secondary operations. Many times drilling is the precursor to tapping, counterboring, or countersinking that makes a part fully customizable. 


Milling machines can provide a number of solutions for a fully functioning part taking a stock piece and adding holes, threads, angled edges and more within a minimal amount of time. 


Our experienced welding partners can create precision joints between multiple pieces of metal. The end result is a connection that is durable without being overly noticeable. 

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