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Glaser Bolt offers drilling services either in standard sizes or to custom holes.

The drilling process is pretty self-explanatory, the parts are loaded and the program entered so that a drill enters a component axially to create a hole to the desired diameter. Holes can either be drilled completely through a material or to a specified depth depending on what secondary options are needed if any.

Typical materials we drill include steel plates or round pieces although our capabilities stretch into almost any customized application. Basically if it needs a hole Glaser Bolt can create it.

Although the drilling process sounds simple it is actually an intricate manufacturing method. Maintaining proper hole locations wholeheartedly affect the function of the part and it's important that hole size diameter tolerance is followed to the finest precision. Along those same lines the drill size selection is important regarding which secondary options are to be performed afterward. 

As far as secondary processes, a drilled hole is not always the finished method. From the drilling process a part may be sent to the mill to be reamed, counterbored, or tapped among other actions. Glaser Bolt drilled parts go through an extensive quality process to make sure the location is to print and that the hole is free of burrs and distortions.

For more information on how the drilling process can benefit your project or assembly please contact one of our manufacturing representatives. Together we can deduct a solution that is efficient with minimal lead times and cost effective to your budget. 

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