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In addition to being a top end distributor of advanced fastening solutions, Glaser and Associates, Inc. is also an industry leader in the fabrication of these items. Our threading services are arguably the most important that we offer, turning standard bar stock, and other raw materials into fully-functioning fasteners.

Whereas tapping is the process of creating threads for the female part of an assembly the actual threading creates the external threads on a stock piece. Glaser Bolt can handle a variety of thread callouts in a large array of diameters making virtually any threading solution possible.

Screw threads are the most heavily produced machining element annually used in virtually every industry. Threaded components provide an easy solution for connecting and securing assemblies avoiding the need for welding and other permanent fastening techniques.

When sending a component out to be threaded it's important to deal with a quality manufacturer or source with the strictest quality standards. Failing to follow the proper ANSI/ASME standards essentially sabotages the assembly or requires switching out finishing parts (bolts, screws) which cost valuable time and money.

For more information how the efficient threading process can make your project more cost effective please speak to one of our manufacturing specialists today. With years of expertise in the threading process, together we can find the ultimate solution for your project needs.

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