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The two main types of manufacturing methods are additive and subtractive. The machining methods of turning involve the latter, removing material to create the desired solution. The end result is rotational parts that can be used for a variety of functions including shafts and other engine components.

Specifically turning involves a cutting tool (typically a turning bit) moving linearly as the work-piece rotates. The process describes creating the rotational pattern on the exterior of the surface whereas doing so on the interior would be referred to as boring.

CNC lathes perform the cutting and turning on metal materials (but also wood, plastic, stone, ceramics, etc.) in either straight, taper, profiling or external grooving. While the tools themselves are single point a variety of angles are used to create the desired shapes and patterns.

At Glaser our turning lead times are minimal due to our internal and multiple local sources. Some parts require multiple processes and setups to create a burr-free finished piece. Some advantages of the turning process include that almost any material can be used, the turnaround times are short, and tolerances can be held to within .001 or less.

The turning process can create a number of different shapes for the perfect end component. Using a variety of tool angles and turning directions Glaser can manufacture and/or source parts with the following:

  • Steps – a significant and abrupt change between two different thicknesses such as in a knob.
  • Taper – a gradual drop between one thickness to another for either looks or function.
  • Chamfer – the angling of an edge to create a smooth transition for safety and removal of sharp edges.
  • Contour – a unique variety of rounded shapes and diameters for true customization.

Through the use of special tooling and unique programming Glaser can provide almost any shape via the turning application. Please contact us for more specific information about your needs.

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