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Welding is the joining of two metals together to form one piece. Filler metal is used to bond the two pieces together while a welding machine is used to create the heat. The three main processes to welding are the welding arc, the filler metal, and shielding the weld.

The welding machines create an arc which is used to melt metal. The heat produced from a welding arc can reach up to 6500°F. Filler metal strengthens the joint coming in either welding wire or stick electrodes. Shielding the weld involves protecting the joint while it is in the molten state. Shielding gas covers the welding area from outside air which could reduce the integrity of the joint.

Glaser can supply three different types of welding services depending on your needs:

Arc (Stick) Welding

For smaller production runs stick welding is an inexpensive option with minimal equipment needed. As the oldest welding type in the industry stick welding is often done with precision due to the experience and familiarity of the laborers. Stick welding is usually recommended on thicker materials.

MIG Welding Service

Metal, Inert Gas (MIG) welding produces very clean welds with minimal slag and splatter. MIG welding is a more complex process but it can be completed on even the thinnest of materials.

TIG Welding Services

The highest quality of welds are produced via TIG welding, which uses a torch with a tungsten electrode. TIG welding produces the strongest joint but also takes the longest to perform and is physically demanding.

Welding can be done on any number of metals including aluminum. To determine which type of welding solutions fit your needs the basic recommendations dictate:

  • Stick Welding – low strength welds in hidden areas
  • MIG Welding – moderate strength welds or cosmetic joints
  • TIG Welding – heavy-duty welds

For more information about the welding services that Glaser supplies please contact us at 855-532-BOLT. 

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