For over fifty years, Simpson Strong-Tie has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area, providing its customers with quality products and support services. By working intimately with industry professionals, they provide customers with products and equipment that have been field-tested and industry-applied. Their focus and dedication to consumer needs have made them a standout leader within the structural timber market.

    Simpson Strong-Tie’s diverse range of products includes prefabricated shearwalls, fasteners, and anchor systems for masonry and concrete, to name a few. Their high quality products are revered for their dependable quality and resistance to natural forces, making them not only incredibly useful, but incomparably safe.

    When it comes to manufacturing exemplary products, Simpson Strong-Tie customers play an essential role in their products and success. Crafting strong, durable products is essential to ensuring that consumers’ homes and business structures will remain unharmed and intact in the wake of damage or seismic occurrences.

    Simpson Strong-Tie sets itself apart from their competition due to the company’s dedication to ensuring safer homes for customers in the wake of natural disasters. Their committed promise is simple: innovation is key and safety is essential. Simpson Strong-Tie offers its customers in-depth, step-by-step details to ensure their structural safety and tips for maintaining a safe foundation.

    Glaser is a proud supplier of Simpson Strong-Tie’s product line, including their exemplary mechanic anchors, fasteners, and adhesives. Their accessible products serve a broad range of needs, ranging from commercial to residential to industrial.

    Glaser is dedicated to providing customers with only the highest quality materials, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and wear. With the help of Simpson Strong-Tie, Glaser is able to distribute high quality equipment to buyers looking for durability and sustainability.

    For more information on Simpson Strong-Tie and their partnership with Glaser & Associates, please contact us here.

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