TorpedoCSIS Strength Through Simplicity

Innovative furniture and panel connection systems that:

lower cost

Lower manufacturing cost

simplify production

Simplify & increase production

new design possibilities

Open new design possibilities

lower cost

Enable flat-pack bespoke furniture


Your Business

Does your business build or assemble furniture, kitchens, shop fit-outs and fixtures, displays, kiosks, recreational vehicle interiors, boat interiors, paneling or partitions?

Whether with solid-wood or the wide array of laminated timbers and lightweight panels, TorpedoCSIS  manufactures a comprehensive range of products that will enhance  your manufacturing, productivity and assembly efficiency.

How Does it Work?

The key concept of our innovation is the single step shafting & clamping that occurs by driving our unique grub screws. Whether connecting lightweight panels to metal or solid-wood timber to composite panels, TorpedoCSIS is the only connecting system worldwide that can join different materials using the same simple system.

Our center based connectors provide the strongest mechanical connection between two members and are guaranteed to remain locked until manually operated.

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