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Torpedo Patents

When it comes to innovation, TorpedoCSIS invests an immense amount of attention into Research and Development.  Patents are held and pending in over a dozen countries ranging from the Americas, to European Union countries, and many others in between. Current applicable numbers include:

  • US12/865,301
  • PCT/AU2009/000107
  • VN1-2011-00516
  • EP20090705148
  • AU2013200569
  • AU2009208393
  • CA2712288
  • CN200980104023.4
  • NZ587036

Other countries that we currently hold patents include Australia, South Africa, China, Japan, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Our one step, shaft, and clamp technique assists furniture companies with the ability to accomplish more with less complexity and hassle. This is, in fact, one concept that contains the highest number of applications available in the market. 

Manufacturing and assembling systems can often increase cost, putting a significant strain on your supply chain and bottom line. Utilizing an innovative locking feature, Torpedo connectors are able to remain tightly joined and are less likely to loosen during transit or use by consumers. 

Our ability to embrace different approaches and challenge conventional thinking stands as the cornerstone of our development philosophy. The products we build are created with designers, architects, engineers and end-users in mind. It is these perspectives that motivate us to ensure that our products provide real solutions to real problems.

As the exclusive North American distributor of TorpedoCSIS products, Glaser is proud to offer items that we feel will revolutionize the furniture assembly business and be a valuable asset for our partners and customers.

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