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At Torpedo CSIS, we offer a wide selection of interlocking connector solutions for both laminate and wood products. No matter what industry you require parts for, we provide versatile components that make assembly quick and easy. Some of the options that we have include:

Lining and Partitioning Connector- Lightweight Panels

Torpedo h02
  • Intended for use with Honeycomb panels, with layers of 4.75mm or larger
  • Eliminates the need for messy adhesives
  • High-strength option for partitions and lining
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Worktop Under-Bench Drop-In Connector – Lightweight Panels

Torpedo h03
  • Most rapid installation solution available on the market
  • Designed for discrete, under-bench assembly
  • Increased shafting joins Honeycomb layers 4.75mm and greater
  • Pre-assembled components minimize application time
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Bracing Solid Wood Connector

Torpedo s05
  • Permanent, 2-piece connector
  • Durable solution for indoor or outdoor furniture
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Permanent/Invisible Solid Wood Connector

Torpedo s02
  • Invisible solution for indoor and outdoor timber applications
  • Great option for tables, beds, and chairs
  • Additional custom choices are available to meet a variety of needs
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Frameless Lightweight Panel Connector (Choose Between Dual Layer and Standard varieties)

Torpedo h01
  • Ideal solution for Honeycomb panels and boards
  • Frame-free connection has strong and flexible shafting
  • Can be installed with glue to increase security
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Permanent/Adjustable Bracing Solid Wood Connector

Torpedo s04
  • Optimal for indoor or outdoor usage
  • 3-piece design allows for maximum flexibility
  • Strong enough to be used as a permanent connection, but easily removes for applications that require temporary solutions
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Post and Rail Solid-wood Connector

Torpedo s01
  • Reduces assembly time up to 75%
  • Extremely versatile, and capable of being used with practically any solid wood application
  • Zinc plated finish is ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • One of our strongest solutions for MDF, Eurolight, Chipboard and Plywood boards ranging in size from 16.0mm and above
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In addition to our standard connection parts, Torpedo offers innovative, custom solutions. To learn more, contact Glaser and Associates, Inc.

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