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Welcome to the TorpedoCSIS Literature section. Here, you’ll gain access to product data sheets, literature, specification info, and technical drawings of the connectors we supply.

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We believe that transparency and customer feedback are vital to the progression of our industry as well as our company. With that in mind, this page will serve as a resource of case studies and articles that give examples of how TorpedoCSIS connectors have helped architects, manufacturers, and project managers solve problems and provide effective solutions.

Material List

TorpedCSIS components have the flexibility to be applied to multiple material types. Below is a list of options that that are compatible to use with our cutting-edge system:

  • Honeycomb Board – Panels that are light in weight, but maintain their strength
  • Solid wood
  • Plywood
  • Medium-density (MDF) – Dense product made from a blend of soft and hard wood fibers
  • Particle Board

Lightweight Panel Connector Resources

Connection tools applied to honeycomb, plywood, and MDF boards.

Download Technical Printable Drawing 1, 2, 3, 4  

Download a copy of the “Physical Properties of Tricel® Honeycomb” Here.

Solid Wood Panel Connector Resources

Connection tools suitable for denser pieces of wood 16mm and greater.

Download Technical Printable Drawing 1, 2, 3, 4

Case Studies

Check out a case study from Xanita, an international manufacturer of the lightweight composite material X-Board. Xanita has incorporated TorpedoCSIS products in their designs for several years. In the following case study, the company fabricated a free -standing spice rack for a South African spice company; the unit was flat-packed and delivered to the customer because of the versatility of Torpedo.

UK based wood manufacturer and Torpedo customer Egger has an interesting study surrounding the implementation of their EUROLIGHT material for a design project for the Marriott Residence Inn.

Learn more about the case study here.

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Additional Resources

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