TorpedoCSIS Strength Through Simplicity


Interested in discovering the future of furniture manufacturing technology? Glaser & Associates are eager to assist you. Our supply of Torpedo CSIS products is designed to simplify the construction and design of furniture, as well provide compatibility solutions for a variety of materials. Our connectors can be applied to applications made from plywood, solid wood, eurolight, MDF and chipboard. See why TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors are quickly becoming the preferred option for furniture and panel connecting solutions.

The videos below demonstrate the range of possibilities our components can be implemented in. We are confident that you'll be amazed at the ease and simplicity that these one-step shafting and clamping systems offer. Just click "play" to view examples of these dynamic products in use.

TorpedoCSIS S01-14 (Connector for stud greater than 50mm and rail greater than 22mm)


The S01-14 connector greatly reduces fabrication time for stud and rail applications. With this component, you’ll be able to say goodbye to gluing and clamping, drastically increasing construction productivity by eliminating drying and downtime.  In addition, the arduous process of shafting and clamping can now be simplified into one easy step, significantly reducing joining times during assembly.

TorpedoCSIS S01-12 (Solid Wood Connector)


Requiring only 3 drillings per connection, the S01-14 is the simplest solution available in the market. 

TorpedoCSIS H02 Partitioning Connector


For seamlessly joined layers that require no framing, the H02 connector is the perfect option for composite materials such as plywood, medium density fiber and honeycomb panels.

TorpedoCSIS H03 Worktop Connector


A vital solution for panels made of composite and honeycomb material, our H03 worktop connectors are able to handle more than 5mm of tolerance by offering shafting on both layers at the center area of the object.

Have additional questions about the TorpedoCSIS products? Feel free to contact our experience team of professionals.

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