TurnaSure LLC was founded as an American-owned company in 1986. Though company’s British predecessors, Birmingham Small Arms, were involved in the manufacturing of guns, TurnaSure has shifted its focus exclusively to producing quality load indicating washers.

    Redesigning and relaunching their singular load indicator concept, all of TurnaSure’s present indicators were developed in the United States and are referred to as Direct Tension Indicators (DTI), Tension Indicator Washers, or Load Indicating Washers (LIW).

    Since its initial founding, TurnaSure LLC has supplied its DTIs to corporations and businesses across the globe. They are used for a number of applications and industries, including the structural steel market and beyond. As such, TurnaSure has secured its spot as a top manufacturer of bolting technology.

    TurnaSure DTIs are of the highest quality, and offer consumers a wide range of benefits. Their high strength bolts and nuts ensure that joints are tight and secure, and that bolts are equipped with high tensile strength. Bolts that are deficiently tensioned may yield improper changes in structure, ultimately hurting the entire procedure and process as a whole. With TurnaSure, slip-ups like these are virtually nonexistent.

    Poorly tensioned bolts may result in their loosening, falling or failure due to fatigue. TurnaSure recognizes the importance of well-fastened, secure bolts, and the overall success of a project resulting from the use of proper equipment.

    The intricate and unparalleled design of TurnaSure’s patented DTIs helps to ensure that field tensioning yields consistently accurate results. Accuracy and efficiency is guaranteed each and every time, regardless of the condition of the surface used.

    Glaser is a proud supplier of TurnaSure’s unparalleled products and services.   The partnership created between Glaser and TurnaSure is now able to offer Turnasure’s line of Direct Tension Indicator Washers, which help identify the designated clamp load required for a compressed waster device.  Together, the two companies can reach a broader consumer base while simultaneously offering a greater range of high quality services.

    Glaser is dedicated to providing customers with only the highest quality materials. By partnering with Turnasure, Glaser & Associates is able to distribute the exemplary and high caliber materials that consumers need.

    To find out how Glaser and TurnaSure can help you with your next project, please contact us today.

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